The History of Xixovic

In mid-1944, a couple of young newlywed entrepreneurs from Jijona arrived at Vic eager to open their own ice cream business. Lola was the daughter of farmers and at the age of eight years old she worked in a nougat factory nougat that existed in Xixona. Daniel had been working in Algeria making ice cream for a family from Jijona.  After fighting in the Spanish Civil War he began courting Lola.
In 1943 they married and then the restless spirit of Lola decided to fend for themselves on their own. They looked for places that could provide what they needed to make ice cream. They wrote to three ice factories throughout the country and opted for the choice of Mr. Juan Puigcerver, who had an ice factory in Vic. When they arrived at Vic they decided to work in the street with a cart at the Piazza Santa Clara Vic in front of Can Pallàs. The concession consisted of a truck with a ice cream machine that used ice and salt to freeze or form the ice cream mixture.
The early days were difficult and the low temperatures of the Plain made them think more than once in the option of returning home. But soon felt welcomed by families from Vic, which helped to carry forward the company they had started. With one concession fixed and another mobile things started to pick up. And in little time they had stable and trusted clients.
In 1947, when Sirvent-Llorens  had expanded the family business, marking the birth of their first born , Daniel. They rented a local store and started making their own ice cream and products.The product become popular and in little time they opened their first store along the Gran Passage. In 1960 Laura( their second child) was born also to help expand the business. Three years later Lola and Daniel moved the store that was at the Gran passage to the town square.
For several years the Sirvent family would live six months in Vic (during the ice cream season) and six months in Jijona( nougat season and off season). This also signified half school course in Vic and half in Jijona for Daniel. Both Daniel and Laura remember trips to and from Jijona that would take up to 24 hours.
The company was stabilizing, growing and modernizing and slush, the shirts, chocolates and ice cream bars went Sirvent of becoming part of everyday life for the majority of summer and Vic The Vic. In many homes, Vic and outside, not missing, of course, the nougat Xixo Christmas.
Currently, during the time of nougat, XixoVic even those who work in cooperatives Jijona, where some of their produce candies with raw material suppliers. The rest of the homemade nougat workshop in New Street.
With the push of a brave couple who one day decided to leave Jijona and the relief taken by the new generations, now you can follow the story excrivint much effort and dedication, but also very sweet …