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Torró Xixovic

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It is a hard texture of nougat made with toasted Marcona almonds, honey, sugar and egg white. All these ingredients come from small producers with a long history and prestige that we support.Our Alicante nougat supreme quality  enjoys the distinction of Protected Geographical Indication. They are prepare ourselves in the town of Xixona following the traditional recipe.
Like the nougat of Alicante, is a nougat with Protected Geographical Indication label also, which we produce in the town of Xixona.Aquest nougat is a variety of nougat crumb texture, made with toasted Macrona almonds, honey, sugar and egg white. To do so, we select the best  almonds and honey we can get from local growers that offer maximum guarantees and with whom we have a close relationship for years.

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Chocolate Nougat
Chocolate almond nougat is one of the three varieties that produce a Xixona.It is a blend of 50% milk chocolate and 50% almonds.It has a hard texture unlike Xixona that adds variety to the other soft nougats.
Marzipan Nougat
Our nougat marzipan is made with traditional formula from Mollar almonds,lemon zest, simple syrup and candied fruit. The best process of making this nougat begins with the preparation of a water based syrup and sugar mix.Once the simple syrup reaches a particular temperature the almond flour is incorporated.Then we fill by hand each mold with candied fruit and marzipan layer by layer until it is filled. Giving it a unique and beautiful finish.
 Coconut Nougat
Our coconut nougat traditionally made from a base of syrup,  Marcona almond flour and dried  coconut, all of the highest quality ingredients. The almond flour and grated coconut mixed in equal parts as indicated in the recipe traditional. Between this sweet dough are drawn thin layers of dark chocolate, which gives a unique taste and personality to this nougat.
 Nougat Gema
This gem of a nougat  has become one of the most emblematic to Xixovic. Its flavor makes it a unique product and high quality. Also made with a simple syrup this nougat has the incorporation of egg yolks. Giving it a creamy and soft texture to it. Once the nougat is cut we add sugar to the finished product and burn this sugar until it is crunchy. Adding yet another variable that makes this nougat outstanding.
Walnut and Cream Nougat
The basis of this nougat is made, as in most of our assortment of nougats with almond flour, made from Marcona almonds. In addition we add Walnuts from California and heavy cream.
Praline Nougat
The praline is a paste made from roasted hazelnuts, sugar, milk and coco butter. The mixture of these ingredients is obtained and released when it enters your mouth.It is for those who have a sweet palate and enjoy toasted hazelnuts.
Gema with Cinnamon Nougat
This is a variant of the classic gems nougat , with which it shares much of the recipe. The variant is to incorporate thin layers of cinnamon in between layers of the gema base.
All of our  products are made from the finest ingredients and made the traditional way.


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