Orxata is a refreshing drink typical of Valencia, made from tiger nuts, sugar and water. It has many beneficial properties for the body and is very digestive because of its high starch content and amino acids. While energy is nutritious and rich in minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron and is also rich in vitamin E and vitamin C. We make our Orxata  following the traditional recipe completely handmade. We use quality ingredients, including the tiger nuts ofAlboraya, which are a product with Protected Designation of Origin. We get handpicked tiger nuts from a producer who has years of close relation with us . In order to offer a fresh and quality product to our clients. It is through this commitment to quality that our tiger has become a highly recognized and very popular
The Granissat  is a refreshing drink made from chopped ice and fruit of different favours .Our slushy type drinks are handmade with the highest quality ingredients. We offer a large assortment of varied tastes: lemon, orange, strawberry, mint, pineapple and milk with cinnamon cafè. We also offer, Cubans, smoothies and milkshakes with cream



Ramon Antonio – Our Supplier

The best tigernut in the world!



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